About Us

TD Drafting Services maintains a professional staff base of around 10~12 personnel. This includes project managers, senior modellers, senior checkers, detailers and document controllers. We have in-house capabilities producing around 2000 working hours per month. Our combined staff experience in structural steel detailing exceeds 150 years. TD Drafting recognises the importance of quality staff and is proud that most staff have been retained by the company for many years adding value to customers through an ongoing knowledge base of their requirements.

All projects are professionally managed and all are treated with the highest of respect. TD Drafting understands the importance of deadlines and the need for steel to be supplied, fabricated and erected with the minimum of fuss. We recognise the increasing value of structural steel and have many quality procedures in place to ensure the correctness of our documentation.

Through its network of quality detailers, TD Drafting Services has the ability to access more manpower if required to handle the largest of projects. Using strict quality procedures and proven management systems this is a streamlined operation and provides the customer with a much increased detailing capacity.

TD Drafting Services is committed to the Industry as a whole and maintains membership with the AISD (Australian Institute of Steel Detailers) and the Institute of Engineers, Australia. TD Drafting Services has also been part of the judging panel with the ASI (Australian Steel Institute) for their Qld Awards Night. We are proud to announce that the Metricon Stadium project team won the 2012 ASI Queensland Steel Design Awards for Building - Large Projects STEEL DESIGN and Engineering Projects STEEL DESIGN.

We encourage the training of Cadets in our industry. TD Drafting Services actively employs Cadet Drafters when required and provides professional in-house training. Cadets are also required to complete a minimum of Certificate 3 in CAD (460 hours of formal studies). This ensures our customers get the best recruits to service their projects.